CIRCUS Wall Sconce
CIRCUS Wall Sconce
CIRCUS Wall Sconce
CIRCUS Wall Sconce
CIRCUS Wall Sconce
CIRCUS Wall Sconce
CIRCUS Wall Sconce
CIRCUS Wall Sconce
CIRCUS Wall Sconce
CIRCUS Wall Sconce
CIRCUS Wall Sconce

CIRCUS Wall Sconce

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The ceramic Circus wall lamp is a beautiful interior design element, creating a soft and beautiful light around it. It works best as a general or ambient light in various spaces, catching eyes either in a living room or lighting up the hallway. The versatile lamp can also be installed on the ceiling surface as a ceiling lamp. 

Circus wall lamp´s ceramic surface lights up beautifully and the lamp appearance changes depending on the viewing angle. The blown opal glass cover ensures a soft and beautiful light. Timo Niskanen designed the Circus wall lamp for the Embassy of Finland in Brussels in 2022. The inspiration for the lamp came from the embassy´s interior and the light and the shadows.

The ceramic reflector part is made by hand. The part is a slip cast in Eastern Finland. The product is assembled at Himmeen Studio in Helsinki.

The lamp is available in two versions. The hardwired version can be installed in the connection box. Version with the plug and textile cord can be easily installed without an electrician needed.


Measurements: Diameter 30cm, Depth 10cm

Bulb: Led G9 2700K, 200 lumens

Materials: Ceramic reflector, glass ball, and metal wall mounting parts.

Color: Sand

I am happy to answer questions and assist in product choices to the best of my ability. You can reach me from Monday to Sunday. 9:00-21:00 (EET). -Timo Niskanen

Call, WhatsApp or Text: +358 40 910 9190




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What to use with your Himmee light?

For your Himmee light, we recommend maximum of 12 and 15-watt LED bulbs. These bulbs can reach the luminous flux of 1 500 lumens, which equals to a 100-watt incandescent bulb.

Luminous flux (lumen)

The unit of luminous flux, referring to the total quantity of visible light, is known as lumen (lm). The mere number of watts doesn’t indicate how much light the lamp produces, only how much energy it consumes. For the light from an LED bulb to match that of a 60-watt incandescent bulb, the LED bulb or compact fluorescent bulb would need to be capable of producing 800 lumens. 

Colour temperature (kelvin)

The colour temperature has a significant impact on the atmosphere of the room. Colour temperature is measured in kelvin, the symbol of which is K. If you are looking for the colour of an incandescent bulb, you need an LED of 2 700 K. If you want to go for a whiter option, 4 000 K could be your choice.

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